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Cleaning your home or office is hard work! Finding a reliable cleaning service to clean your home or office can be even harder- that is, until you found Nick’s Carpet Steam Cleaning. carpet cleanerWe only connect you with screened, professional cleaning services who provide the best maids – it doesn’t get better then that! Our cleaners have great references and strive to provide you with the best cleaning job.

The cleaning specialists at Nick’s Carpet Steam Cleaning can handle pretty much any cleaning services you need even if it’s just an extra hand to help you get it all done. If you live in the Snohomish, WA, call us for all your carpet cleaning needs. You can experience for yourself the complete satisfaction of knowing your carpet was cleaned thoroughly and meticulously. We have all the credentials and experience that you look for in a Snohomish, WA carpet cleaning service. Because we are constantly running carpet cleaning promotions and discounts, other cleaning companies simply cannot compete with our prices. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, Nick’s Carpet Steam Cleaning uses very sought after cleaning products and techniques that will leave your carpet dry instead of wet.

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Wet carpet is an ideal environment for mold to breed in. Within 24-48 hours mold spores become active and can start to damage your carpets. Don’t risk the growth of mold on your carpets or the potential of re-staining; choose Nick’s Carpet Steam Cleaning to use only the best methods on the market for your carpet. Carpet cleaning that is immediately dried afterwards is the only solution. Contact us now.

We use a anti-microbial product that does not cover up odors, but eliminates the cause. This is very effective at treating odors caused by pet accidents. It is also very effective in treating musky odors from excess moisture. The product is natural, not a dangerous chemical. The same goes for our citrus based dry cleaning fluid. It is safe for pets and children. Our upholstery cleaners  from Snohomish, WA are specially trained and certified technicians who have expertise in many difficult-to-clean materials, including silk, suedes, ultra suedes and velvet.

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